Incense Kit

Incense Kit

The Incense Set includes 54 packs of all the scents available at Adorn Home Fragrance. Each pack of incense contains 12 sticks of incense



 6x Citron Mandarin Incense 12-Pack

 6x Desert Flower Incense 12-Pack

 6x Tobacco & Bayleaf Incense 12-Pack

 6x Volcano Incense 12-Pack

 6x Santal Incense 12-Pack

 6x Black Sea Incense 12-Pack

 6x Oakmoss Lavender Incense 12-Pack

 6x Kashmir Incense 12-Pack

 6x Rosewood Incense 12-Pack

  • Scent Descriptions

    Citron Mandarin Grapefruit, lemony citron and mandarin blend with peach, orange and delicate cyclamen with a hint of vanilla, lemon, tangerine and orange.
    Desert Flower Sweet agave and watery aloe enhance the fresh-cut green leaves and chrysanthemum petals, while base notes of patchouli ground it with a pleasing earthiness.
    Tobacco & Bayleaf

    Top notes of bay leaf and fir needle mingle with cedarwood and crisp bergamot to reveal a warm tobacco base note.

    Volcano A clean citrus blend paired with raspberries, jasmine and strawberries.
    Santal A distinct and handsome blend. Lively top notes of bergamot and cedar leaf uniquely paired with malted violet and precious jasmine on a base of aged oak, patchouli, and sandalwood.
    Black Sea The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber, vanilla, citrus, sea salt, plum and cardamom.
    Oakmoss Lavender Hints of orange, grapefruit and sage. Lavender adds a soft floral and herbal touch to oakmoss, amber and tonka for a beautiful deep character.

    This zesty, aromatic fragrance fuses the uniqueness of ginger, freshness of saffron with  resinous cardamom and lemongrass to deliver a remarkably crisp and fresh scent. This blend is sure to lift the mood of any room.

    Contains essential oils: ginger, cedarwood, geranium and patchouli.

    Rosewood Fresh cut rosewood with Bergamot, Tea, Orange, Lemon, Black Pepper, Ginger, Guicawood, Vetiver, Cedarwood make up this clean, gentle, peppery aroma.
  • About Our Incense



    dpg, fragrance oil, essential oil, charcoal

    Pack of 12
    1hr+ burn time/each


    Charcoal incense. Hand-dipped.

    WHY CHOOSE CHARCOAL? Charcoal incense does not have the underlying "woodsy" scent that is common to the typical brown incense stick or cone. You get a more pure version of the oil blend used to scent the incense and it burns cleaner than the wood incense.


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