Starter Set

Starter Set

The Starter Set comes with seven bestselling scents; White Earl Grey, Hot Coffee, Honeysuckle, Santal, Black Sea, Volcano, and Kashmir. Each set includes 14 large candles, 28 small candles,12 room sprays, 6 diffusers, and 12 packs of incense.


Included Items:


  2x White Earl Grey 9oz candles

  2x Hot Coffee 9oz candles

  2x Honeysuckle 9oz candles

  2x Santal 9oz candles

  2x Black Sea 9oz candles

  2x Volcano 9oz candles

  2x Kashmir 9oz candles


  4x White Earl Grey 4oz candles

  4x Hot Coffee 4oz candles

  4x Honeysuckle 4oz candles

  4x Santal 4oz candles

  4x Black Sea 4oz candles

  4x Volcano 4oz candles

  4x Kashmir 4oz candles


  4x Black Sea Room Spray 2oz

  4x Volcano Room Spray 2oz

  4x Kashmir Room Spray 2oz


  2x Black Sea Reed Diffusers

  2x Volcano Reed Diffusers

  2x Kashmir Reed Diffusers


  4x Black Sea Incense 12-Pack

  4x Volcano Incense 12-Pack

  4x Kashmir Incense 12-Pack

  • Scent Descriptions

    White Earl Grey A modern turn on a world classic taste, this lighter and brighter Earl Grey has uplifting apricot nuances and tartly orange flavor from the elite and robust bergamot. All balanced with a smooth infusion of top shelf, superior white tea.
    Hot Coffee Perkolator's Sumatra blend premium dark roast is a Full-bodied coffee with a smooth mouthfeel and lingering herbal flavors.
    Santal A distinct and handsome blend. Lively top notes of bergamot and cedar leaf uniquely paired with malted violet and precious jasmine on a base of aged oak, patchouli, and sandalwood.
    Volcano A clean citrus blend paired with raspberries, jasmine and strawberries.
    Black Sea

    The sweet yet salty oceanic accords combine with an undercurrent of amber, vanilla, citrus, sea salt, plum and cardamom.


    This zesty, aromatic fragrance fuses the uniqueness of ginger, freshness of saffron with  resinous cardamom and lemongrass to deliver a remarkably crisp and fresh scent. This blend is sure to lift the mood of any room.

    Contains essential oils: ginger, cedarwood, geranium and patchouli.


  • About Our Products

    Candle Materials

    essential oils, coconut oil, wax, candle wax, fragrance, wooden wick, glass jar
    ​4oz candles burn for approximately 28 hours / 9oz candles burn for approximately 75 hrs
    ( Candle burning guidelines: )


    Room Spray Materials

    alcohol, water, recycled glass, amber glass bottle, fragrance, essential oils, travel size Aromatherapy Room Spray in 2oz apothecary Amber pvc bottle with a spray top.
    Each bottle contains 2 fl oz of body-safe oils, alcohol and water.


    Incense Materials

    dpg, fragrance oil, essential oil, charcoal

    Pack of 12
    1hr+ burn time/each

    Please burn responsibly by using an incense holder or dish for safety and surface protection. Never leave burning incense unattended.


    Diffuser Materials

    recycled glass, amber glass bottle, rattan reeds, fragrance, essential oils, diffuser base

    Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser in 4oz apothecary Amber glass bottle, and a bundle of naturally-harvested rattan reeds to absorb and slowly release the fragrance.
    Low-maintenance scent, lasts all day long. Just set it and forget it – no matches, lighters or flame necessary! Flip the reeds every so often to refresh the scent.